Understand Home Sale Stats In Southern California

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Home sale stats are released around the country on a regular basis. They are most often broken down by ZIP code to provide you with a very location-centric glimpse as to the real estate market. This will allow you to see what the average home for sale is selling for and how it compares to prior year. If the prices are going up, it can demonstrate that the market is turning around.


Throughout Montecito and Santa Barbara, homes and condos alike are experiencing higher sale prices than last year.


Depending upon the actual ZIP code, the improvement in home price over prior year is anywhere from 4.6% to 33%. This is a high percentage and the trend is continuing. Ultimately, this is telling you that the time to buy is now while you can still get in at a good price. If you wait too much longer, you may end up paying another few thousand dollars – and that’s not necessary.


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