States Compete: Which Has the Best Housing Market?

Posted on Jan 8, 2014

Studies show that the state of California has rebounded nicely and is now home to five out of the ten healthiest real estate markets in America, putting it head and shoulders above the competition. Real estate investors, both residential and commercial, will find that California real estate has regained its stability and retained much of its value. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose all ranked incredibly highly as booming real estate markets.

However, property values in California are rising quite quickly, which means that buyers need to act fast. It’s likely that buyers that hesitate won’t be able to get a great deal or a great rate on their California home or investment. Prices in California still haven’t fully recovered, but they may do so in the next few years. Those that wait before they buy may miss out on an incredible investment. For more information about the state of the current housing market contact Mark & Sheela Hunt, experts in Montecito Santa Barbara real estate.