Selling Luxury Homes With Video

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Mini-movies complete with actors, actresses, plot lines, engaging topics and scripts are just one of the creative ways that real estate agents are marketing luxury homes. The National Association of Realtors said that 14 percent of people selling their homes made a video to advertise their homes. However, some of those selling luxury homes are going beyond simply panning the camera through an empty house.

Real estate mini-movies use real directors with engaging plot lines and perfect lighting. The videos are posted online, and the hope is that they will "go viral,"  increasing the likelihood of sale. In some areas, it can take up to a year to sell a multi-million dollar home, so agents hope that investing in a mini-movie can set their homes apart from the crowd.

Additionally, buyers of luxury homes are often busy professionals. They seldom want to spend days touring houses. Real estate mini-movies give potential buyers the chance to see real people enjoying the perks of the home.

Curt Hahn, a Hollywood director with experience shooting commercials and the 2008 movie, "Two Weeks," is one director who frequently shoots these mini-movies. Over the summer, he shot about one of them per week. Some of the movies are shot with the feel of a Hollywood thriller, while others are more inspirational and heart-warming.

Usually, real estate agents set the budget for a mini-movie as a percentage of the asking price for the home. Some of them cost a few thousand dollars to produce, but others can cost over $1 million. Who pays for the movie can vary. Sometimes the seller and the listing agent split the costs of the movie. Yet at other times, the listing agent or the homeowner pays for the movie.

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