Sales Prices Rising for Luxury Homes in California

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

New reports are showing that luxury home values within the area of Santa Barbara and Montecito are rising. This is excellent news for anyone who is interested in purchasing or selling a luxury home. This increase has been caused by a limited inventory of luxury homes on the market throughout this area, and a demand from many investors as well as buyers who are interested in the investments that these homes represent. Experts state that many luxury homes are getting multiple offers from interested buyers, which in turn is driving up the price.

If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury home, it might be an excellent investment to take on before the market gets more expensive and before mortgage interest rates go up any further. If you’re interested in selling a luxury home, you may wish to begin the process of selling your home now so that you can take advantage of the low inventory and low mortgage rates. Selling in the future may be more difficult due to the higher mortgage rates and less interested buyers.

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