Montecito — Living the Life You Deserve

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Montecito is a very affluent unincorporated community that is located in Santa Barbara County, California. This lovely community is settled in between the scenic mountains and the breathtaking beach. Montecito may be small and unincorporated, but is continually ranked among the wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States. It is an area that many aspire to call home.

Most of the real estate is set on properties that are at least a half an acre to one acre. There are some homes that have smaller property lines like one quarter to one fifth of an acre. The prices for these luxury homes start at about $1,000,000. There are two elementary schools, and upscale places to shop and dine that helps to round out the luxury lifestyle. Montecito is a short drive away from the big cities of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

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