Hot Kitchen Design Trends in Luxury Homes

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

Whether you’re renovating your luxury home for sale or you’ve just purchased a new home that you wish to remodel, you may wish to follow some of the more recent design trends. Black and white has been extremely hot throughout the recent year, and it gives a kitchen an extremely clean and modern look. Black granite countertops along with black appliances can make this color scheme really pop.

Larger kitchens are becoming the rage, which means extending your kitchen out a little might increase resale value. Larger kitchens create more space for cooking and often feature expansive kitchen islands and long areas of counter. Destination kitchens are also becoming popular: kitchens that are specifically themed in a specific and all-encompassing design. Destination kitchens usually hide appliances carefully as not to distract from the overall appearance of the room.

Another hot trend is to create a neutral look in the fixtures of a kitchen. This includes neutral granites and deep natural woods. This allows the kitchen to be redesigned with ease by adding accents such as brightly colored towels. If you’re intending to sell your home, it also allows the new buyers to customize their kitchen to suit themselves with ease.

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