Easily transform your home’s décor from fall to winter

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

The holidays are rapidly approaching and homes throughout the southern California area are starting to be decorated for the fall. Then it will not be long before those fall decorations are transformed into winter decorations. Depending upon your decorating preferences, you can choose to completely change out decorations between seasons or work to find a way to seamlessly transform decorations from fall to winter.

HGTV suggests to continually change the look of your fireplace mantel by decorating the top of if for each season. This is a way to freshen up the room without having to redo all of the décor. For the fall use some soft browns and light creams mixed in with Thanksgiving-themed items, such as pumpkins, nuts and gourds. Once winter has arrived, remove the pumpkins and add winter items, such as white candlesticks and glittering snowflakes hanging from the edge of the mantel. Green sprigs can also be added to bring in a little more color for the winter.

Focus on foliage to complement both seasons. Decorate your home, especially the family room, with fresh garland and other festival plants. Fill the room with these items and scatter candle holders, bowls and other colored decorations to go with each holiday. Change up the colors when transforming from fall to winter.

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